AD #2132 – Ford Expedition Adds Off-Road Model, Takata To File for Bankruptcy, EU Sales Surpass U.S.

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- EU Sales Surpass U.S. - Panoz Street Legal Sports Car - Toyota Improving Motorsport Safety - Expedition Adds New Off-Road Variant - Ford Makes Trailer Maneuvers Less Nerve-Wracking - F-150 Powertrain Upgrades - Takata To File for Bankruptcy - Volkswagen Reveals the New Polo

On today's show car sales in may soar in Europe airbags supplier Takata plans to file for bankruptcy in fort ants new features and packages to the expedition on that mark coming right up on on a line to. This is not a line daily per show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. It's taken the European car market a long time to recover from the Great Recession but it sure looks like the patient is back up on its feet the data house LMC reports but sales in western and Eastern Europe rose 7.4 percent last month with 1.8000000 light vehicles being sold that compares to 1.5000000 sold in the U. S. in western Europe alone sales hit 1.4000000 units. In fact so far this year the new car market in western Europe is running ahead of the U. S. in that gap could grow as the year progresses. And you know what ...

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