Wet Ferrets & Cardboard Boxes: Detecting Flawed Bottles of Wine in Restaurants

published 7 months ago by Austin Beeman

The following is a clip taken from Austin Beeman's interview on the Upside of 40 Podcast with Sean Mooney. Topic: Wet Ferrets & Carboard Boxes: Detecting Flawed Bottles of Wine in Restaurants. Sean Mooney: "People have been out to dinner and I guess a lot of it is tradition where they come and they open the bottle of wine and you're the guy who ordered it. So they will come over and make a nice little presentation, and put a little bit in the glass, and you don't know what to do. They swirl it around, they smell, and they're like, "Yeah. Okay." Really, what are you looking for when you do that?" Austin Beeman: "So here's what's happening..."   *** THIS IS EPISODE #76 OF UNDERSTANDING WINE WITH AUSTIN BEEMAN Video Podcast: Itunes Podcast: Direct RSS feed:

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