I Thought This Was Obvious... Maybe Not? (Day Trading for Beginners)

published 8 months ago by ClayTrader

I've been around since 2013 helping people learn how to trade and make money online; however, apparently as a teacher I still have much to learn myself. I recently received a comment on YouTube that implied a fact I thought was obvious, but maybe it isn't? Not only did a person leave the comment, but then several people "liked" the comment... showing me I apparently need to cover this topic for beginners to the world of day trading. When you are new to the stock market and just getting started, you need to have a proper expectation of how the markets actually behave and how your trading strategies need to be developed. If you are focused on the wrong areas of the market, when it comes to learning how to trade the right way and build consistent trade strategies, the headaches will be abundant. As obvious as I thought this topic was, I guess it isn't, so let me set up some expectations for you as to what our job is as day traders and those who are looking to make money online from the financial markets.

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