FSE LIVE #008: A New Cultural Hub for Las Vegas

published 7 years ago by Vegas Video Network, Jeff Victor, Scott Whitney

As downtown Las Vegas continues to grow into a cultural hub for the city, this episode of FSE LIVE! focuses on many of the people leading the charge. We start off with a close look at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, as we’re joined by Myron (“Hi, I’m Myron”) Martin, President & CEO. […]

On the FSC live everybody knows Las Vegas words glitzy casinos it's 247 action but did you know that downtown Las Vegas is quickly becoming a cultural hub for the area don't believe me will stay tuned because tonight you're gonna meet some of the people that are actually making this happen. Fremont street experience in downtown Las Vegas it's S. need live with your host Jeff Victor. Welcome that FSA live right here on the Vegas video network my name is Jeff bigger on your host ...

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