FSE LIVE #006: This One Is For The Ladies

published 8 years ago by Vegas Video Network, Jeff Victor, Scott Whitney

After reviewing the past five episodes of FSE LIVE, Jeff decided we had way too many men on the show. So, for this episode, we have our first all-female show, which was shot, appropriately enough, from the Four Queens Hotel & Casino. Joining us on tonight’s show are our four queens, Lisa Robinson (Four Queens), […]

What of the FSA live you know in looking back on our first 5 episodes are so it occurred to me that we've had way too many male guests on the show so tonight we're going to fix that by having our first all female show and we're gonna build it wrong where else right here at the 4 queens stayed down. Syria. Yes need live. Your host Jeff Victor. What an FSA live right here on the Vegas video network my name's Jeff that they're all be your host ...

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