Vietnam COVID-19 Diaries Vlog#1

published 10 months ago by John Saboe: Broadcaster | Photojournalist/Videographer | Publisher-Far East Adventure Travel Magazine

Thanks so much for your support! You can make a donation to me and the channel by PayPal:PayPalFundly COVID Diaries Campaign-Visa/Mastercard/Amex/AliPay/WeChat-Crowdfunder(visa, mc, WeChat, AliPay)You can support me through Patreon:Pledge monthlyI'm in Vietnam, (Ho Chi Minh/Saigon), until further notice so I thought it might be compelling to relate what the situation like is here during COVID-19 crisis. Vietnam made some pretty tough decisions early on and I believe it's helped them contain the virus to, at the time of this video being posted, 61 patients and with no fatalities. Of course like most everywhere else in the world that has a robust tourism sector it will be devastating to those in that industry. I truly feel for the restaurants, hotels, and services that primarily cater to tourists whether their foreigners or locals.

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