BiggerPockets Podcast 424: Make More Money and Get Greater Tax Deductions in 2021

published 9 months ago by : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

We have a real estate and investing mastermind session in this episode of the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast! J Scott, Amanda Han, & Matt MacFarland join David and Brandon to discuss what investors should do to maximize their wealth (and opportunities) in 2021. Co-host David Greene goes over his new book SOLD: Every Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Building a Profitable Business, talking through who should (and shouldn’t) be an agent, what makes a great agent, how agents can maximize their income, and more! J Scott talks heavily about how the election, stimulus packages, and new (proposed) tax codes could hurt (or help) real estate agents, and what you can do to ward off higher tax plans, loss of rent, or even inflation. Amanda and Matt are our tax professionals on the show! They dive into which upcoming 2021 tax codes could affect you, whether you’re an agent, a real estate investor, or just a W2 worker! This is a fantastic episode for any listener who wants to know more about how 2021 may shape our economic future. Thankfully, we have some of the best guests in the world to tell you about it! Check the full show notes here:

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