Transforming Cyber Risk/Compliance Through Automation - Padraic O'Reilly - BSW #200

published 4 months ago by Security Weekly

How are CISOs of the Global 500 automating risk and compliance assessments by 90%, saving millions of dollars per year, and creating a unified strategy around cyber risk in the wake of Digital Transformation? Those on the cutting-edge of risk and compliance see a massive opportunity to ingest the telemetry coming from the security tech stack to bring a new level of automation to control compliance and risk management across all frameworks and standards. In this segment, we discuss how COVID-19 and rapid Digitalization have pushed risk and compliance teams to innovate internally, and how they’re doing so with real-life examples. How is it even possible to eliminate nearly all manual effort around IT GRC? What is the latest strategy behind cross-walking frameworks and dynamically lighting up controls in an environment? You’ll learn how some of the largest organizations in the world are proving compliance in real-time, empowering their teams to manage even the most unprecedented risks, and how risk and compliance programs get a clear view into risk likelihood, impact, solution-cost modeling and more. Listen in if you too are working to transform your cyber risk and compliance program to support Digital Transformation.   This segment is sponsored by CyberSaint. Visit to learn more about them!   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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