Career Change: A Doctor’s Decision to Become a Real Estate Investor (Video)

published 1 month ago by Real estate investing news and tips with Kathy Fettke, best selling author of Retire Rich with Rentals, Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network and Host of the Real Wealth Show and regular guest expert on FOX News, CNN, and CNBC

Becoming a doctor is certainly a difficult goal to achieve, but one that comes with big rewards in terms of helping people become healthy and earning a healthy paycheck. But it can be high stress and very demanding. Our guest today has been down that road and decided that she wanted more free time for her family, friends, personal pursuits, and adventure. That's why she switched careers from practicing medicine to investing in real estate. Dr. Patricia Red Hawk was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She attended Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia to become a family physician. And, she currently lives with her wife and kids in the Pacific Northwest. She’s the CEO of the Red Hawk Property Group and the Welliott Investment Group, is a frequent public speaker, and loves to swim, ride motorcycles, race sailboats, and teach people about investing and building wealth.  

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