This is When I Take My {FINAL} Profits (How to Day Trade Stocks)

published 8 months ago by ClayTrader

I state the obvious when I say the goal of the stock market and day trading is to make a profit. With that being said though, the tricky part about day trading and the strategy you use can be in regards to "when" you actually take the profit. There are many strategies and trade management philosophies out there when it comes to a stock day trade, but I wanted to show you a little method I use to know when I should be taking my profits. If you are a beginner day trader and want to know how to day trade stocks the right way, it is the little habits that will add up largely in the big picture. Let me show you the price action dynamics of a stock that I look for when making a day trade that give me a clue as to when I should take my final profits. Trade management is a huge part of long term success as a day trader, so let's make sure you are putting yourself in the best position possible to make money online as a day trader!

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