New Raspberry Pi in a Keyboard Running Ubuntu, and AI to Figure Out Song Titles - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 668

published 8 months ago by Category5 TV Network

As an old school Vic 20 fanboi, Robbie's given to liking the new Raspberry Pi 400. After all, it's a full computer inside a keyboard, just like the old days of Commodore and Amiga. But this time, it's got 4 GB RAM and a 1.8 GHz clock speed. Let's get a look at the device, and stick the new Ubuntu 20.10 on there to see how it plays video. We'll also look at a new Google Assistant feature that makes it easy to search for a song, with no app to install. Bekah's here with the news, and Robert's watching Bitcoin as it travels to the moon. Read the complete show notes, comment or rate this episode, view pictures and obtain links from this episode at Running time: 59 Minutes 11 Seconds

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