Lead Propeller - Finding Motivated Sellers

published 10 months ago by REIClub.com |Real Estate Investors Teach Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Investments

Lead Propeller real estate investor websites can help you find motivated sellers. This demo video shows you step by step how this investor website helps you target and capture property owners motivated to sell. SIGN UP FOR LEAD PROPELLER WEBSITES Danny Johnson is a long time real estate investor who has bought and sold almost a thousand properties. He created these real estate websites for his own business and after other investors kept asking him to help with their websites, he created Lead Propeller as a website tool for all investors. On this demo Danny shows the various ways you can use this powerful website to find and attract motivated sellers and communicate with them before your competition. He also explains the importance of trust and credibility and how a real estate investor website provides that for you the investor. You have to use data and tech to stay competitive today. Your competitors are using this tool or another tool like it. Take a few minutes to check out this Lead Propeller demo video on how to locate motivated sellers. SIGN UP FOR LEAD PROPELLER WEBSITES  

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