SWVHSC Micro Interviews: Secure Circle & Vicarius - Jeff Capone, Roi Cohen - ESW #206

published 8 months ago by Security Weekly

Secure Circle: For a true Zero-Trust environment, it isn’t enough to think about data in cloud services and SaaS applications, we also must protect, control and audit data that egresses form these services onto endpoints. - How do you protect data that egresses from your cloud services (i.e., Github, Workday, SalesForce, Box, OneDrive)? - Do you control access to your data after it egresses from your cloud services? This segment is sponsored by SecureCircle. Visit to learn more about them!   Vicarius: Pentesting is littered with politics, bias reporting, and human error. So how do you clean up the trash? A former IDF engineer shares how his stint as a pentester changed the way he thinks about it - and ultimately led to the development of a new technology. This segment is sponsored by Vicarius. Visit to learn more about them! Start your free trial today, visit:   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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