How to Practice Day Trading With Real Money (Start Smart!)

published 7 months ago by ClayTrader

I want to show you how to practice day trading with real money! A huge part of becoming a successful day trader and making money consistently is practice. I know that sounds like an obvious statement; however, I've been guiding day traders since 2013 and I can say with full confidence that most beginner day traders have no idea how to start smart when it comes to practicing. Learning how to day trade stocks in a simulator or demo account does have value, but when you transition to real money, being a day trader is much more challenging. When real money enters into the picture, your emotions will come alive and begin playing multiple mind games with you. Because of these, you need to be smart in how you get started day trading with your hard earned money and that's what I will show you in this video, with some real life proof and a live demonstration. Let's get to it!

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