What Does Short Selling a Stock Look Like? | Shorting Explained

published 10 months ago by ClayTrader

If you have never "shorted a stock", then you have yet to experience a very bizarre feeling compared to what you are used to seeing. As beginner day traders who use the traditional trading strategy of "going long" (buying a stock and then selling the stock when the price moves higher), when you "go short" it basically crossed the wires in your brain and all seems so backwards and odd. In order to help you avoid this problem as efficiently as possible, I want to show you what shorting a stock looks like. I want you to see how your profit and loss will behave relative to the price of the stock itself, which again, is totally weird and takes some getting use to. If you are looking to learn how to short stocks and make money when the stock market goes down, then use this video to help program your brain to what you'll need to get used to seeing. Let's get to it!

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