Your Own Free Proxy Service and Thoughts on DIY Electronics - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 665

published 7 months ago by Category5 TV Network

Whether you're hoping to give yourself extra privacy while moving about the web, trying to access services that aren't available in your area, or if your IP address is blocked by the provider, a proxy is every nerd's go-to. But using a free proxy can be unreliable ... or even dangerous. That is, unless you run it yourself. This week Robbie will teach us how to create our own Linux-based proxy server in "the cloud" absolutely free. Jeff shares his vision for creating his own PCB circuit boards, and both Bekah and Robert are here to keep us up to date on what's going on this week. Read the complete show notes, comment or rate this episode, view pictures and obtain links from this episode at Running time: 1 Hour 14 Minutes 2 Seconds

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