Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, La Esperanza Baja Med, Valle de Guadalupe

published 2 years ago by Videos from The Culinary Institute of America

Miguel Angel Guerrero is an avid hunter and the chef-owner of La Esperanza Baja Med in Valle de Guadalupe. He talks about what “Baja Med” cuisine means in his restaurant: Using local Baja products, cooking with Mediterranean-inspired techniques, and bringing in Asian flavors influenced by the region’s history of Asian immigration. After a morning of hunting, he prepares three dishes back at his restaurant: Trio of Cow Tongue, Seared Tuna and Seared Loin of Rabbit; Grouper with Grilled Kale and Seared Crumbled Cows Stomach; and Octopus with Grilled Kale, Tomato Coulis, and Fried Potatoes.

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