RAW Restaurant, Taipei

published 4 years ago by Videos from The Culinary Institute of America

At Chef André Chiang’s RAW, next generation chefs re-interpret classic Taiwanese flavors. We talk with chefs and restaurant partners Alain Huang and Zor Tan about elevating Taiwan’s seasonal produce through their innovative creations. The 60-seat restaurant serves a vibrant “bistronomy” cuisine, a new wave of cooking style born in Paris, offering experimental haute cuisine at a reasonable price. They demonstrate for us how to make their dish “All About Duck”: Duck liver, duck heart, duck breast, Taiwanese red quinoa, and barley served with duck liver soup. Their dish “Taco Tako T.A.C.O.S.” is an octopus “taco” with a mini spring onion pancake, quail egg, cabbage and avocado. The next dish is called “Onion Onion Onion” made with zucchini puree topped with smoked fish, fermented black beans, pearl onions cooked in apple juice, uni, spring onion oil, and chives. For dessert, they show us how they make Mango Tartar with a Meringue Snow Ball and Milk Snow. Download recipes and watch the full series at

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