My Biggest Struggle as a Day Trader: These 2 Words

published 7 months ago by ClayTrader

As much as I wish I could say that after a certain amount of time and experience, stock traders never experience problems or challenge, that would be a lie. Whether you are a day trader or swing trader, overcoming challenges is a focal point that we must always be aware of. One of the big problems I have in my trading can be narrowed down to two simple, yet highly problematic, words. If you are having struggles in your stock trading results, perhaps these two words in one form or another are playing a role in your struggles? I've been teaching traders since 2013, so I assure you, if you are struggling with the same challenge I am, you are not alone! I've come across many new traders and traders with experience who have had many headaches created by this common problem. Let's do some learning together and figure out how to best avoid this issue so we can make consistent money.

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