30 min Modified Yoga Class for Frozen Shoulder | 7 Poses You Can Do Now | YWM 545

published 1 week ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

30 minute Modified Hatha Yoga Class for Frozen Shoulder These are 7 Poses You Can Do Right Now, no matter how much pain, stiffness or lack of mobility you are experiencing. My name is Melissa, I have been teaching yoga on YouTube for the past 11 years. I am going to do something I have never done before. I am going to teach without a script or a plan and share with you my process for yoga practice when I come to my yoga mat. This class is not going to be for people who do not want to hear talking as I share a lot of my inner process, insights and awareness as I go through this class. If you are still with me, this is a wrist free, hand free, shoulder free class that evolved during filming in response to my experience with frozen shoulder by tuning into the needs of my body in the moment. It includes 7 poses that you can do now if you are experiencing a shoulder injury or frozen shoulder. It is not a practice about rehabilitation or recovery, rather it is about tuning into the inner wisdom of our bodies and responding to their needs, moment by moment, on all levels from our physical body, mental body, emotional body, energetic body and spiritual body. In this class I talk about how injury is a gateway to letting go of old ways of being. One of the old ways of being that is being released right now is the hierarchy between teacher and student. We are all our own teachers and this is why I felt it was so important to share my process as a student in an open and vulnerable way. I also speak about how their are seasons to our practice, literally from autumn, through winter, spring and summer, but also in various seasons of our lives. May this class be of benefit.

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