16th Anniversary

published 2 years ago by Church of the Highlands

God has been so good in our church over the last 16 years. We celebrate today to declare that it's all about Jesus!

With every new campus we open a highlands there are so many factors that play into that of course the god factor in prayer and god speaking the pastor Chris in our league team and what happened in the show's was pretty special where people got so excited that they were making that drive they were getting on the Dream Team in Huntsville they were serving they were starting small groups it was this grassroots movement in the shoulder area that made it very easy for us to open a new campus there my sister Katie was at church Hollins and Birmingham at mountain brook she was going on and on Ryan about this church we were like why he went to church all the time and so we are with the visitor when we can't wear what looks gives you know let's go check. It felt. We want to be a part of this. When Hans full launched we don't miss Sunday we started. We won the first church of. In front of. People as we could ...

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