Using Azure Container Registry for building and deploying .NET Core Apps

published 1 week ago by Microsoft

You probably know that Azure Container Registry enables you to store and manage container images securely, but did you know it can also be used as a part of your DevOps pipelines? Jeremy Likness shows Scott Hanselman how ACR can manage your images and even build them for you in the cloud. [0:00:00]– Overview[0:01:57]– Generating a Dockerfile in Visual Studio and building a container[0:06:24]– Running the container with Azure Container Instances[0:10:17]– Using container images in ACR as part of a build pipeline[0:13:05]– Wrap-upTutorial: Build and deploy container images in the cloud with Azure Container Registry TasksAutomate container image builds and maintenance with ACR TasksAzure Container RegistryCreate a free account (Azure)

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