Is The Stock Market Rigged? Yes! (In Your Favor)

published 6 months ago by ClayTrader

One of the most common excuses used by traders and investor struggling in the stock market is: the markets are rigged! the markets are manipulated! The problem is, these traders are using this logic to imply something negative. The truth of the matter is the stock market is rigged and manipulated in your favor! This is the reason why when the economy gets shaky and the stock market crashes, you need to remain calm and look at everything with a clear mind. In this video I want you to show you why the stock market is rigged and how it makes sense for it to be manipulated in your favor. By understanding the stock market and the people involved behind the scenes, it can and will make scary times much more manageable. Gaining full clarity on how the stock market works will open up the doors of making money and taking advantage of opportunity that many miss due to their emotions of fear and panic.

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