30 min Yoga Mobility for Stiff Joints | Yoga & Simple Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life | YWM 543

published 3 weeks ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga Mobility for Stiff Joints 30 minute Yoga Mobility for Stiff Joints with Yoga & Simple Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life Yoga with Melissa 543 In this class we will focus on bringing mobility to our stiff joints through yoga. We will take familiar yoga postures like bridge pose, knee to chest pose, cat pose, lunge pose, mountain pose, warrior one pose, triangle pose, and forward folds to bring mobility to our stiff joints. We will focus on mobility of our ankle joints, knee joints, hip joints, spine, wrist joints, and shoulder joints through this 30 minute yoga class. In this series we will focus on simple mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to calm your mind and sweep the dust from your heart. On our mats we will reflect on something that we do everyday in our day to day lives. During our practice time I will give you a contemplation that you can take with you this week into your day to day life. A way to be present with ordinary tasks. In our yoga class we will be present with our movements. These movements will create a kinesthetic imprint of what we will be meditating on during our day to day life. When we live mindfully our mind will become calm and content, we will not be stressed with overthinking.

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