Microsoft Endpoint Manager updates with Brad Anderson | 2020

published 12 months ago by Microsoft Mechanics

The latest updates for endpoint and app management, to enable secure remote work experiences from wherever your users are. Due to the pandemic, “work from everywhere” is the new normal. Common tasks like hardware procurement and provisioning, and help desk are radically different when users and IT teams aren’t coming into the office. People have quickly realized not all of their hardware is up to the task of enabling work from everywhere. Brad Anderson, Microsoft 365 CVP, joins host Jeremy Chapman to walk through the latest updates. ► Windows Autopilot: Dropship devices directly to your users – whether that is a work or home address. We recently added support for co-management to Autopilot. Apps you’ve been managing from Configuration Manager can now easily be deployed as part of the Autopilot process. ► Tenant attach: You get a unified list of devices and don’t need to choose between one tool or the other. This is a huge update and simplification on enabling customers to attach the Microsoft 365 Cloud to their ConfigMgr deployment. ► ADMX Templates: We keep these up-to-date with not only the latest Windows policies, but all of the policy settings you need to manage Microsoft 365, the Edge browser, Office 2016 – which manages everything Office 2016 and newer, as well as your Office 365 apps and OneDrive policies. Now with the Office and Edge ADMX settings in there and up-to-date, it’s not just more control for non-domain-joined PCs, but a huge time saver. ► Protection in Edge: We are building more Microsoft Endpoint Manager controls into Edge, and we’ll be able to ensure the data never leaves the browser or the storage locations that you have approved. Policy management is happening directly from Edge at the app layer. This protection is now baked into Edge, which expands data loss protection to unmanaged devices. ► QUICK LINKS: 00:00 - Introduction 02:28 - Windows Autopilot 03:43 - Tenant attach 06:01 - ADMX Templates 08:59 - Protection in Edge 11:32 - Endpoint analytics 14:01 - Microsoft Tunnel 15:19 - Microsoft Defender for Endpoint ► Link References: Watch our 3-part series on Edge and Search at . Get started with everything we saw in Microsoft Endpoint Manager by going to . Unfamiliar with Microsoft Mechanics? We are Microsoft’s official video series for IT. You can watch and share valuable content and demos of current and upcoming tech from the people who build it at Microsoft. Subscribe to our YouTube: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Facebook:

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