All Hands Update: Crisis Response Despite Language Barriers

published 5 years ago by DVIDS

U.S. sailors and Japan Self Defense Force sailors and soldiers conduct casualty evacuation training during Dawn Blitz 2015.

Tom what's 15 is building the US and coalition sea basing amphibious landing capabilities which are vital to effective crisis response support regional security in deterrence. One vital training scenario dauntless was a casualty evacuation. U. S. sailors in Japanese self defense for sale airs and soldiers simulating numerous scenarios involving a service member getting wounded in the battlefield. Assessing the situation and calling for an evacuation. This vital training give the sailors and soldiers the time to learn how to conduct landings on preparations and how to contact the shipper assistance. This scenario brought together sailors and soldiers from 2 nations and demonstrated. Despite the language barrier our ability to rapidly execute an assigned mission. More information Arafat exercise visit the dom was face to face ...

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