Pilots with VMGR 152 provide necessary support.

published 7 years ago by DVIDS

Pilots from VMGR-152 support Operation Damayan by providing cargo transportation. VMGR-152 makes daily flights, transporting supplies as necessary.

When the call arises for an aircraft refueled mid flight for cargo moved pilots with marine aerial refueling transport squadron 15 to make it happen unit currently works out of marine corps air station Futenma but is now deployed to the Republic of the Philippines in support of operation domino. I see 130 is an excellent platform for this sort mission I think that you look at the airfields that were going into their short airfields they're not particularly well developed their fields and a lot of aircraft. Again into not but we can get in there and we can provide. Sirius. cargo capability flying 12 to 15 hour days using around 12 KC 130 J. Hercules aircraft the pilots of B. M. G. R. 152 transported more than 8000 passengers 1.5000000 pounds of relief supplies ...

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