Joint Effort Villamore

published 7 years ago by DVIDS

The joint efforts continue in Villamor with more teams flying in from around the world. Lance Corporal Eric Waddell shows us the people who came to help and disaster relief supplies in the Philippines.

In the wake of typhoon ion the hardest times as part of the best in people. All you have to do is look at bill more air base real notice something unique. There's the Japanese self defense force medical tape rushing to get to talk about. And the front search and rescue team waiting to board a C. 130. And don't forget the marines and airmen. Flying planes full of aid workers and supplies into the most damaged areas. French search and rescue team. Dr. Yes. Tells us about his mission I'm and a doctor. flame fireman looked up. ultimately is of made of food twin the sweet people. 2 doctors through noses and although there are some vitamin. We've got the unit to make the water drinkable. On the ground of the moors account ...

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