Securing Plaza Tower Elementary School Package - Oklahoma National Guard tornado response

published 7 years ago by DVIDS

Soldiers from 700 Brigade Support Battalion, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team secure a perimeter around the Plaza Tower Elementary School which was devastated by the May 20th tornado. Includes sound bites from Specialist Josh Gragert, 700 Brigade Support Battalion, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Quick Response Force. Also available in high definition.

Deadly tornadoes struck the heart of Moore Oklahoma in the Oklahoma National Guard was there to support the first responders with the search and recovery act for tourists and spread out over about 10 or 15 meters soldiers from the 7 hundredth brigade support battalion 40 fifth infantry brigade combat team. Or call to secure the perimeter of the plaza towers elementary. For rescue workers blinded and cut into rubble hoping to find survivors. Specialist Josh grabbed it was one of the first soldiers on the scene. He says the situation is just overwhelming. Has. It's crazy . You know you don't ever really. Think about it as much whenever you're you're home but when you get out here and actually see all the devastation and all the you know. People that there are fake to buy a really it really it's hard teams of Oklahoma national guardsmen will continue to support low ...

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