Heaven on Earth, Part 3: Living Fully - Joel Schmidgall

published 8 months ago by National Community Church

So many of us find ourselves stuck. Stuck in routine. Stuck in frustration. Stuck in systems that hold us down. Stuck in destructive patterns. Stuck in sin that tangles us up. It almost seems impossible to escape. But do you know that God works best in the impossible? Ephesians 2:1-10 speaks to our journey in Christ. It take us on a journey from who we were, to who we are, to who we can become. We go from our destruction, to God’s grace, to God’s purpose for us. Do you know that God’s grace can overcome sin, satan, and every structure? His grace catapults us to faith. His faith fills us to understand who we are. We are God’s workmanship, His masterpiece, his work of art. And it’s when we know who we are that we can understand where we are going. We go from identity to destiny. And in Christ, and through God’s Spirit, we can lean in to understand what it means to fully live! 

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