Rex Murphy | Bombardier’s bailout

published 3 years ago

Rex shares his thoughts on Bombardier’s bailout

The most amusing response to bombard you a long bonanza came from the party Quebecois leader whose chuffed that this mere paltry 372.$5000000 from the federal liberals. Was yet another sign of Allah was giving short shrift to come back. Tapping that lamentation with the point the question not to bombard you didn't get the 0 it first ask for then what's the point of being in this country. On such whining quicksand is the house of separatism these days founded. I don't think orders any genuine surprise that bombard you got the roughly 400000000. Lombardi a N. bailout are near synonyms. There must be something in the charter of rights and freedoms or maybe even the old BNA act. Which states that when bombard yea which after all invented the school knew. Ask the federal government or the Quebec government for that matter for money. Then money must go out the door. To understand the pattern it helps to think of bombarded ...

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