Rex Murphy: Trump and Sanders as 'the anti-candidates'

published 3 years ago

"Sanders and Trump play by none of the established rules, they're almost perfect anti-candidates" -- Rex Murphy tackles America's primaries.

Inevitability just isn't what it used to be pilloried Clinton was understood to be inevitable in 2000 I wait. And along came a freshman senator with the soft voices with manner in a halo of charisma. And Hillary in the prime of her powers in fame bandleader best. And lost. She was inevitable again this year besides look who she was running against this hand grabbing white haired old guys socialist wouldn't be out of place doing an oatmeal and prune juice commercial annuities prime around the same time as the grapes of wrath was a best seller and hula hoops vied with pet rocks. As the craze of the moment. But this week in New Hampshire the inevitable Hillary was left in the faltering dust. And the man who is a cross between Jed Clampett to Matlock Bernie feel the burn Sanders. Try and stir with a 20 percent lead. Take ...

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