Rex Murphy | Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

published 4 years ago

Rex thinks that the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders proves that Americans are really fed up with things as they are.

Donald Trump is the Godzilla American politics Godzilla even before he stomps his first morning Starbucks. He breathes fire in swingers his scaly tail on all comers he devastate the political landscape where every trumps he roars on Twitter and news anchors. Meghan Kelly on fox gets the full barbecue. He dismisses opponents would insult and scorn from sweet Dr Ben Carson to the better armored Hillary he trashes the mall on Ted Cruz well on cruise egos full thermo nuclear cruise he says is Canadian. I see another wall for trump construction. To keep those toxic be polite Canadian Spence. In other snow and ice barrier igloos where they should be. However all those who think all American politics needs to be put in the box. And have the life shaken out of it under something of an argument for that. Trump is a mixed joy it's good ...

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