Insight S2015 Ep22 - Euro Division

published 6 years ago by SBS Television

Euro Division - Australian current affairs forum, with lively debate and powerful first-person stories. Hosted by award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie. (An SBS Production) CC

Hi I'm Jenny Brockie tonight on inside with a third bailout on the table can Greece change. Uhhuh ntfc I'm embarrassed us in this crucible classes. Just give us the name of the. Be a man him if things up both houses. But you know not what deb cement. The low fees have don't kill a glare on. Maybe the auction. Don't go on from here I could also do the going people on. Never have a Guinness. desist crewmen of voice in there that's inside it. Does the beach just available. Do you mean memory cells for tall unknowns desk of the off and on the far left and gone daha sharia should dogs who Bolton is ...

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