B.C.'s political drama and Andrew Scheer's rise | At Issue

published 3 years ago

An agreement between B.C.'s NDP and Green Party likely means the end of Christy Clark's Liberal government, but it's a complicated scenario that could affect some major decisions in Ottawa. The At Issue panel discusses that as well as the new federal Conservative leader.

All used to call politics in B. C. wacky kids settle down over time but the latest election result has put a back front and center in the national debate an agreement between the NDP and the greens likely means the end of the Christian Clark liberal government but it's complicated and could impact some major decisions in Ottawa. Shawn tells in Montreal tonight Andrews here in Toronto and Paul wells is in Ottawa but we're gonna start tonight in Vancouver with our friend shot you curl the executive director of the Angus Reid institute we asked her to give us the 3 things we need to know about the unfolding political drama in BC. One it's going to be all eyes on the BC legislature in the coming weeks to recap the greens and the NDP have signed a 4 year agreement to support each other meantime BC liberal premium ...

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