Rex Murphy | B.C.'s weird election

published 3 years ago

Rex Murphy has seen some unusual elections in his native Newfoundland, but B.C.'s provincial election was certainly unique, especially since it isn't fully resolved

The problems of gave W. A. C. wacky Bennett and bill fantasy gardens vendors lamb to Canada's political heritage can make a serious claim. To originality in politics. But I must take exception. The many sage observers insisting that BC politics is uniquely where her strangest in all of Canada. And that chooses result with some ballads still not tabulated almost certainly a judicial recount or 2 is a high water mark of a weird and strange politics. As a proud Newfoundlander I must protest. It might be 50 years ago over the last small election still has no parallel. The results were 20 heard Smallwood liberals 21 for the Tories and one independent tie. On top of that 6 districts had less than 100 vote majority and one is miniscule as 8 votes. And in that district ...

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