Rex Murphy | Trudeau's lost sheen

published 3 years ago

Rex Murphy thinks it 2016 belongs to Justin Trudeau. But next year will be far less of an easy ride for Canada's Prime Minister

In politics in Canada neighbors Justin Trudeau's year by a mile. Iran 2016 on the U. ge updraft bringing the liberals back the government. After that strange interlude from power when they experimented with the green in both senses Mister Deane and that visiting professor they itinerant and once again absent Michael inactive. Trudeau ended Mister Harper's turn at the wheel which for some ranked as an exorcism and snookered Tom will care so thoroughly that the NDP are now back in the political cement. Canada's permanent third party. 2 of popularity remain strong through most of 2016 most. The conservatives helped them a lot with their leadership race which has a lot of racing but little leadership. Their strongest performer is definitely rona Ambrose and she is in the candidate. The rest save for the mini me imitation trump Kevin o'leary are charisma or ...

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