BiggerPockets Podcast 387: Time Freedom Through 7 Deals in Her First 3 Years With Megan Greathouse

published 12 months ago by : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

On today's show: the massive impact of just a few flips and a few small multifamily rental properties. Starting in 2017, that combination allowed our guest Megan Greathouse to step aside from her W-2 job (her husband still works) and spend much more time with her two young kids... all while dedicating just 5 hours per month to self-managing her portfolio in St. Louis. Want to know how she did it? Megan spells it all out in this episode and provides the exact tools and templates she uses to maximize her efficiency—enabling her business to serve her and allowing more time for what really matters. Give Megan a follow, and share this episode with a friend, partner, spouse, or family member who you think might enjoy it! Click here to listen on BiggerPockets.

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