Rex Murphy | Media failures

published 4 years ago

In this Point of View, Rex Murphy thinks the press should focus more on people, instead of polls

There was a veritable alive of low of how did this happen perplexity among the mandarins of the American press last week. The shocked faces of the Washington Illuminati today after offered one of the few real delights of the strange and while campaign. I took a good many of the mighty organs of enlightenment from The New York Times to NPR we're willing to fess up. And ask the hard question on here how did we get it wrong. The question that easily follows though and a better one is how should or could they avoid. Same vast error again. There are a few quite direct answers to that. First if a point if you are a political candidate for that matter is congenial to reporters point of view tree bones but more hesitation be cautious. But have you lining up with your own doesn't distort or warp the reporting of the other candidates views which do not. Because a party or candidate ...

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