Insight S2015 Ep26 - Bloodlines Part 2

published 5 years ago by SBS Television

In Part 2 of Insight's Bloodlines special, we take you to the Asia Pacific region and talk to relatives of Harry Truman, Hideki Tojo, and Weary Dunlop on the legacy and influence their ancestors have on the present day.

Of I mean I just speak it get out of the. Nicholas Frank that's your father and what do you think of him now I despise. Despite. Your Joseph Stalin's great grandson what sort of leader do you think Joseph Stalin walls give us a servant of his people there was no at personal dictatorship in the Soviet Union what's your reaction just personally missing Tiako I find the Jacobi to be somebody who still living within a closed world. Yeah but the debates when 5 you can put your father away ...

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