Unshaken, Part 10: The Unseen Battle - Joel Schmidgall

published 8 months ago by National Community Church

Have you ever had your eyes opened to something that was always there, but you just hadn’t noticed before? Our text today will leave you with your eyes wide open!   We continue in our series on the book of Daniel, and today walkthrough chapter 10. After seeking God through fasting and prayer for 3 weeks, God gives Daniel a vision and opens his eyes to see the realm of the unseen. The heavenly realm, in which there is good and evil clashing behind the scenes. Believe it or not, there is a spiritual battle happening. And when we lean into God in prayer, he will give us both a revelation of what is happening and affirmation of who we are, to press forward. As God opens up Daniel’s eyes, chapter 10 is just the beginning of the prophetic vision of what is to come. Join us as we engage in a text will challenge us as well as take us underneath the surface of the challenges all around us.

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