Rex Murphy on Referendums

published 4 years ago

Point of View: Are referendums a really good thing? Rex Murphy says, "yes".

Our referendums dangerous brexit does raise this question believe side oppose mile high opinion one and immediately there were way listen only ignorance and bigotry moved to leave aside those aborted remain where all Solomons and Daniel's come the judgment. Which is of course pure or egotistic Tosh. This follows a theory that the un educator in the common Joe was afraid houses are often ignorant to what is even worse too stupid. To weigh in on great questions of state. Now for disappears together class for the educated this is a very self flattering position. However god in his infinite mercy has leveled the field somewhat in this department. Educated people are sometimes equipped to make the most you would mistakes. And the sophisticated so often cocooned in trendy enclaves of pious group think. Often confuse mirror at ...

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