Rex Murphy | Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

published 4 years ago

Rex shares his thoughts on this fall's upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Last night saw the climax of the battle of the boomers Hillary versus Bernie Hillary Clinton is now declared by all and sundry to democratic choice for president 2 of slain Bernie the magic dragon Sanders. And Bernie seems to be the only one who doesn't know he's done. Even so it took a mighty forces of the legendary Clinton Oisin more than it ever thought possible. To put a halt to the Bernie insurgents. The last lingering Fleer of the great counterculture movement of the 60. True to form Bernie is gonna keep on Truckin but it's a shadow game now. It is questionable whether western civilization will be able to enjoy what is now about to fall when Clinton the calculator has to go center stage against trump unplugged. It's gonna be the political equivalent of WrestleMania as cage matches. Not incidentally were Donald Trump in the days of his Tamar here ...

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