Rex Murphy | Fort McMurray Wildfire

published 3 years ago

Rex Murphy says Albertans define the meaning of true neighbour: When people are hurting, all are welcome

Fort McMurray and murda have over the years before this week's appalling infernal reached into the lives and improve the fortunes of hundreds and thousands of Canadians in every profits. That deserves underlining at this moment. On a personal for a second. For example when you have a monitor crawling out of the shock and misery of the cot collapse fort McMurray. Like a rescue center. Moving runners in droves left her house and home and went west. And as was the L. Burton fort mac way when people are hurting all are welcome. Some of these were real friends of mine and I know and their most difficult moments. How much the Alberta welcome meant to them. Tell me something. If you wanna know really know what it means to be a true neighbor ready to help in hard times. Go to Alberta. It's to prairie cold and in our best times if the Canadian ...

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