Rex Murphy | Bernie Sanders

published 4 years ago

Point of View: "The Sanders campaign is the real miracle," says Rex.

Now it is generally conceded that when the emergence of the trump presidential campaign which is essentially a parody Monty Python or if you prefer on onion skins to jump the barrier between Mochrie in reality has absorbed the day's attention of half the world. That's no surprise. For a whole lot of people troubles one huge middle finger of how politics is and has been played in America for a generation. And for all out of others he just a vulgar egotistical shallow root shyster who's a stain on the very idea of democratic politics. But either way he Swanson overwhelms every other candidate in the current contest the U. S. press is hypnotized by trump. Which Sadlier otherwise has meant that another campaign which at its core is even more remarkable and more outside normal expectation. Is not as remark. Bernie Sanders. Course. The centers ...

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