Rex Murphy | Justin Trudeau's Promises

published 4 years ago

Point of View: Rex is in awe of how Justin Trudeau's Liberals stand to gain credit if they break key pledges of the platform they ran and won on.

What politicians are out of power belongs to their nature promising stay will promise the song the moon even parts of the outer galaxy on the campaign trail but then they get elected. And then there cosmic pledges their pies vials Gelman trouble they learn that their mouths of said goals their brains cannot accommodate they break their word they disappoint people we call this politics. But just drew on his whereabouts are graced with living and entirely new politics. Jude owner Bruce made to really major promises on refugees and the take out a handful of fighter jets from the effort against ISIS. Now just about everybody friend Paul passing said this in the morning line at Tim Hortons the guys at Canadian tire are actively urging them to break those irresponsible I ...

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