Rex Murphy | B.C.'s NDP-Green alliance could create national unrest

published 3 years ago

Rex Murphy says the alliance between B.C.'s NDP and Greens could trouble the waters countrywide given its pipeline position.

The linchpin of the agreement pain anger weaver and the NDP of BC is the determination. But the camera Morgan pipeline from Alberta will not run through BC. That's its heart. So the agreement has massive implications not just for British Columbia but the neighbor province of Alberta as well. It puts permanently in the worst mind. Ms not let us never full credit. I've done as much as anyone could to make green respectable in the province hard to sell on that color. In an oil downturn she introduced a carbon dioxide emission tax. She accepted but to my mind dubious and nebulous concept of social license. And settled earnestly to Ernest. In seeking a chance for all burners hurting oil industry to recover ms not lead went much more than half way. To meet its fiercest critics ...

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