Rex Murphy | Orlando Nightclub Attack

published 5 years ago

Point of View: Rex Murphy shares his take on the deadly attack on an Orlando nightclub.

In the hot roiling stew of American politics he really wants to much to hope that our land those killings would be spirit political spin. But right and left Republican and Democrat each have in a presidential election elements of the story elements not all of it that day wish to highlight. But the event was not a single cause event and no single issue response to it is adequate. Is it a gun issue obviously. But wishing America were free of guns will not make it happen that's a train that's long left the station. More to the point in places with a much less open access to guns Paris London Mumbai. Terrorists and done near equivalent deeds. And in Boston we saw that pressure cooker so would nails ball bearings and explosives can work havoc. Calling a gun violence only is a way to call us avoid calling it is Lammas terror. Was it a hate crime. How could she ...

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