Real Estate: John Burns on Where the Market is Going

published 4 months ago by Real estate investing news and tips with Kathy Fettke, best selling author of Retire Rich with Rentals, Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network and Host of the Real Wealth Show and regular guest expert on FOX News, CNN, and CNBC

There's only a handful of real estate forecasters that I've followed over the years, and today's guest is one of them. I'm very excited to hear what John Burns has to say about today's real estate market and where it might be headed over the coming years.  John Burns founded John Burns Real Estate Consulting in 2001 to help understand shifts in housing demand, supply, and affordability. John has a Bachelors in Economics from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA, and works in Irvine, California. And he's here with us today.  

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