CISO Interview: Role of the CISO, Why Do You Need a vCISO? - Carlos Becerra - BSW #186

published 8 months ago by Security Weekly

Organizations need a highly skilled security chief to drive fundamental initiatives and align activities to address pressing enterprise needs. Proven CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) are hard to find and essentially they could become challenging to retain and afford. Flexible Virtual CISO model is an excellent choice to achieve your enterprise goals in terms of security. Companies usually face diverse challenges in term of cost, retention, limited talent in a particular location, etc. The solution to achieve operational excellence and drive highly successful security programs at a fraction of the cost, is to hire a vCISO. A Virtual CISO will occupy the same place in the organization a full-time CISO would, but in a more cost-effective way. A vCISO will provide strategy, guidance, and oversight to achieve operational success in security. Operating with an independent voice, they often can escape the internal politics that plague some organizations.   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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